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Steps to become a sponsor

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Why become a sponsor?

Working with us will increase brand awareness and expose your company to STEM leaders around the world.

◦ It provides us with the opportunity to work with your company to create a pipeline for highly qualified interns and future employees.

◦ Our collaboration would present your company’s employees with rich volunteer opportunities

◦  The US needs to produce over 1 million STEM workers by 2022 to remain globally competitive. Funding STEM programs such as FIRST is one of the best ways to reach students and create future leaders in STEM.

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FIRST hosts the largest high school robotics competition in the world.

By working with FIRST, students have reported over 70% gains in skills including communication, conflict resolution, time management and problem solving.

FIRST alumni are 2.6x as likely to enroll in an engineering course and over 75% are in a STEM field as a student or professional.