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Our Mission:

The SciBorgs is a co-ed robotics team based in the Bronx High School of Science. Since the team’s inception in 2002 with only 8 members, the SciBorgs seek to spread STEM education in underprivileged communities through endless hours of volunteer work and the institution of new robotics teams. In recent years, the team has more than 45 members who dedicate their spare time to spread STEM to their peers and children in the Bronx. Team members carry the values of diligence and teamwork with them and inspire students in their community.


The SciBorgs are a co-ed robotics team located at The Bronx High School of Science, one of the most prestigious schools. The team began in 2002 with only eight students. In 19 years, we have since grown exponentially in size to 46 students this year with over 110 SciBorg alumni. Additionally, in 2009 the SciBorgs supported the creation of the FeMaidens, the first all-girls team in New York.

Our Departments:

Communications: The Communications Department applies for grants, request sponsorships, and effectively manages administrative tasks. The department also controls the digital media marketing plan to garner attention using media forms such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. On behalf of the team, they connect with companies, teams, and other corporations.

Construction: The Construction Department builds the robot, fine tunes their skills in CAD-ing, prototyping, and assembling efficient robots. They show their expertise every year through the team’s success.

Programming: The Programming Department programs the robot in C++, Java, and Python. Experienced programmers show notable proficiency in these languages and rookies develop their skills each year.

Leadership 2020-2021:

Photo of Xano

Xano Sweeting

Team Captain
Photo of Ben

Benjamin Sison

Head of Construction
Photo of John

John Kim

Head of Construction
Photo of Erwin

Erwin Dcruze

Head of Programming
Photo of Swanad

Swanand Kanere

Head of Programming
Photo of Zawad

Zawad Munshi

Head of Electronics
Photo of Frederick

Frederick Halo

Head of Communications
Photo of Selina

Selina Li

Head of Communications